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Music is the oldest language, and it’s universal. Studies have revealed humans communicated with pitches and songs prior to developing the verbal languages. The oldest artifact, a flute made from vulture-bone, predates cave drawings. The pitches produced are similar to the human voice.  “Music soothes the savage beast and it’s good for humans too”, says  Gregg Hammond who has harnessed what all of humanity can feel and instinctually knows, “Music is the language of our souls and is the powerful catalyst we need to bring us into our desperately needed time of Peace and Love”. Creating The Global Jam 4 Peace and enrolling people to access the music inside of themselves and bring it to fruition through worldwide music events on the Summer and Winter solstice day is the Vision Mr. Hammond received after committing to a 4 day traditional vision quest in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, in 2002, and continued visions quests ongoing. His collections of writings are scheduled for publication as a series of books.


Philanthropic Acoustic Rock Guitarist & professional guitar teacher. Gregg has performed in Washington DC at venues like DC9, World Famous 930 Club(Voted best music venue in US 3 years in a row by Billboard Mag and Rolling Stone)The Torpedo Factory and The Hamilton Live. He rocked the stage at Crown of the Continent Guitar Festival, along with well-known guitarists Steve Lukather, Joe Bonamassa, Lee Ritenour, and Dweezil Zappa.

Since 2007 Gregg Hammond has served the Washington DC community with more than 5,600 hours of personal volunteering. He served as President and Founder of GNG DC Children’s Music Charity providing guitars and lessons to foster youth, at-risk and struggling communities.

In May 2016 Gregg closed his DC chapter to regain his health after reaching a life-threatening physical exhaustion and mental fatigue. His work continues now that his health is back and he has bigger endeavors. He served as a teacher, teacher’s trainer, administrative executive, fundraising team leader, and events coordinator. Valued at over 336,000.00 in volunteer service. During Gregg’s volunteering, he trained more than 175 volunteers, providing and creating additional service hours, serving over 775+ children. Gregg prepared and oversaw 14 students performances ranging from open Mic nights, Howard Theatre Stage, Washington Post Conference Center, Live on Sirius XM satellite radio, and even a performance  http://www.makemusicday.org/dc/blog/

More information can be found at The Global Jam 4 Peace Facebook page, and www.dcguitarlessons.com.