The Critically-Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter Surprised Fans With Second Single “Gravity” 

On the heels of the success of his breakout single “Top Of The World,” acclaimed alt pop-rock singer-songwriter Brenden Starr is unveiling his much-anticipated EP Hopeless Romantic January 27 on all DSPs. The nine-track EP is Starr’s first official release as a solo artist and one that he says “holds nothing back.” 

“This album is like a roller coaster ride,” said Starr. “It will hit you with the highs and lows. There’s a bunch of twist and turns, with inner struggles of love and losing someone, being positive, staying true to yourself and working hard.”

~Brenden Starr

Starr’s messages are already being received – loud and clear. In fact, Bob Smith from Static Dive described “Top Of The World” as possessing a “an indie-pop intro before the song’s foot-stomping beat introduces a wall of arena-rock power chords and big-synth swells.” Smith also writes that Starr’s voice “delivers a fist-pumping anthem in honor of the grind.”

The rest of the tracks on Hopeless Romantic are equally as powerful, embodying profound lyrics and hook-laden choruses including his second single “Gravity,” which just dropped this week with a riveting video ( to celebrate the release of the EP. Working with Engineer and Co-Producer Hayden Calhoun of Dark Side Audio Studio (Mechanicsburg PA), who also performed guitars/bass/programming with Starr on drums, the songs take the listener through a chaotic yet cohesive journey of hope, love, disappointment, and resiliency. 

“This album has a little something for everybody, from rock fans to pop fans,” said Starr. “I can’t just contain myself to one genre. I’m influenced by way to much music.”

~Brenden Starr

The official tracklist for Hopeless Romantic is: 

“Top of the World”






“I Remember”


“The End”

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