The eclectic composer and performer of music known as Fjazz has released his latest EP record, titled, “My Days to Count.” The record is comprised of eight original tracks for an approximate total listening time of 9 minutes. Like Fjazz’s other, previous quality releases, his “My Days to Count” EP has been released on the acclaimed Scotch and Murder music record label.

Fjazz’s new extended-play record stands as the soundtrack to the celebrated short film, “My Days to Count,” from Studio2G in New York City. The film was directed by Stephanie De Latour, Antonio Padovan, and Saarah Zebede. It is Fjazz’s most significant official release since his collaboration with Krycheck, “Live at Tammany Hall, Vol. 2.”

Fjazz’s EP blends his various music backgrounds into an instrumental mix that includes piano and strings, as well as his own roots in the electronica music scene. The resulting effect is both ambient and crisp, often cold, and mostly heard in hues of gray and blue.

This is absolutely fitting for the themes and atmospheres of the short film, the public Kickstarter page for which declares it to be a story of an “encounter of two strangers in the aftermath of loss [which] uncovers an inexplicable connection.” The Kickstarter project for the “My Days to Count Film” ended on 25 October 2012 with smashing success. Of the requested $3,000 in necessary funds to complete the film, its Kickstarter campaign finished with $3,986 having been donated, an excess of nearly 33%.

Fjazz’s soundtrack adds weight, complexity and class to an already sharp and tasteful short film. His music is at once reminiscent of classical music by Beethoven and of the background scores to movies from the days of old silent cinema.

Fjazz is most recognized for his work in electronica and EDM, though his considerable talents often bring him across genres, and his digital compositions usually feature many components of categories outside the traditional house music subgenre.

The “My Days to Count” soundtrack by Fjazz is available online worldwide beginning 3 January 2014.

-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer


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