lori jenaire
Washington, D.C. – When songbird Lori Jenaire brings her sultry sophistication to Washington D.C’s famed Blues Alley, it will be an evening to remember. Dubbed Lori ‘Magic Mona’ Jenaire for her long heralded physical and tonal likeness to legendary chanteuse Phyllis Hyman, Jenaire will pay a special homage to Hyman. The soul drenched tribute will take place, Tuesday, October 29 at 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.  Blues Alley is located at 1073 Wisconsin Ave., NW in Washington D.C.  Blues Alley was known as Hyman’s favorite club to perform in. “Magic Mona,” originally from the soundtrack to the basketball movie “The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh,” was one of Hyman’s most sought after songs.

Blues Alley will be Jenaire’s first appearance since a recent vocal surgery. Like many dedicated singers, including Adele, John Mayer, and Keith Urban, Jenaire has recuperated from a throat operation which left her completely voiceless during recovery. “I experienced nearly two weeks of total silence after the procedure and had to take speech therapy. I am so thrilled and thankful to be able to sing again! My return to Blues Alley is going to be a tremendous celebration. In addition to honoring the remarkable Phyllis Hyman, who was a D.C. favorite, I plan to perform some of my own originals and cover some classics.”

A Chicago native now residing in Los Angeles, Lori Jenaire has been influenced by several legendary divas, but her comparisons most often parallel her to Phyllis Hyman.  An accomplished songwriter, producer and performer in her own right, Lori has three acclaimed CD’s to her credit,  “Presence,” Within Reach” and “Fruition.” Her cover of  the classic “California Dreamin'” on the “Fruition” CD made waves on the Smooth Jazz charts, while her smash remix of Hyman’s “You Know How to Love Me” achieved Bullet status on the Billboard Top 20 Dance Charts and Grammy consideration. In addition to her beauty, she is often heralded for her amazing range, searing vocal ability and powerful delivery.

Phyllis Hyman, one of the most treasured vocalists in contemporary times, will come alive through Lori Jenaire’s song. Sample the aural sweetness athttp://www.LoriJenaire.com and  at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKjnSrVzvV0.

View Jenaire’s video “Angel in Uniform,” a tribute to America’s veterans and soldiers, co-written with jazz pianist Gail Jhonson athttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JNe5Bx0N_E.