Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Segal: ‘Chamber Music’

Mamani Keita: ‘Gagner l’argent français’

Albums in Stores August 23, 2011

Giving voice to renowned French label Nø Førmat (Gonzales’ Solo piano, Nicolas Repac’s Swing Swing…), Spectra Musique will be releasing two of its albums on August 23rd: Chamber Music by Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Segal and Gagner l’argent français by Mamani Keita, which were respectively released in France in 2009, and in May of last year.

A label with no particular aesthetic inclinations, but with true artistic standards, Nø Førmat does not identify itself with any radical ideology or notion of sameness, embracing a spirit of curiosity and openness towards all visions, poetics, experiences, and forms of musical expression. A true breath of fresh air that breaches an opening rather than filling a void.

Ballaké Sissoko & Vincent Segal: Chamber Music

The art of conversation, based on consensus and mutual listening, is elevated to its peak of precision by kora player Ballaké Sissoko and cellist Vincent Segal in Chamber Music. Rather than taking part in an all too formal conversation, the kora and cello seem to fuse together into a single voice. Sissoko and Segal combine their sounds and cultural heritage, creating a pact that aims to raise a clear and rightfully unified voice. What one hears on Chamber Music is rare and precious indeed: the sensibilities of two artists in perfect unison and on the same wavelength, yielding naturally free-flowing music.

Mamani Keita: Gagner l’argent français

Singer Mamani Keita, an ambassador of modern African music, bridges the gap between cultures, fusing rock with afro beat, dub, and traditional Malian music in a combination of raw and mellow tones. Her third album Gagner l’argent français is her most rock-infused and electric offering to date. The album sees her taking more risks than ever before, revealing her strong, passionate, and untameable nature. Keita possesses a rebellious voice, unleashing her Mandinka roots in an inventive and eclectic musical universe created by Nicolas Repac, a guitarist and arranger known for his long-time collaboration with Arthur H.


Source: Spectra Musique

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