Johnny Dunn (bass, background vocals) and Luke Alvino (harp, vocals), the writing and singing team for the band, strike a vein of blues gold on their new album.

As they jumpstart the proceedings with the reflective “What Matters Most,” and take you on a walk through the fires of life, the autobiographical “Born In Chicago” gives you a taste of the depth and traditional of the blues genre. “Me And I Can Toos” is a real scorcher; Alvino sings and plays with heartfelt passion, filling all the requirements for a blues Daddy with soul. On the “Lock Doctor,” Alvino gives the harp a down and dirty workout as the lead guitar of C.J. Calleri answers with emphatic wails and cries. The one track that really defines blues music and what this band is all about is “Let It Rain” (not be confused with Derek and the Dominoes classic), a real life emotionally charged tune with a haunting Hammond organ provided by Mike DiMeo, lays the groundwork for the introduction of all the other instruments. Consistently, Alvino is a great vocalist throughout this album and he and his mates are in tune with the music and the meaningful lyrics at all times. I cannot forget the all-important rhythm section, manned by Chris Anstiss (drums) and Dunn, they set the pace for this entire ride.

I do not think there is anyone that plays blues music that has not lived the words that they sing, and that is the very reason you can honestly feel everything in a song. The Dare Ya Blues Band has what it takes to bring the blues right to the doorstep of your heart with conviction. If you like to rock with the blues and really absorb all the feelings, I dare ya to take a walk down Lonely Street.

© Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-

August 18, 2004

01. What Matters Most (3:40)02. Wish You Were Here (2:45) 03. Lonely Street (3:33)04. Born In Chicago (3:14)05. Shallow lakes (2:57)06. Good Day For the Blues (3:19)07. Home to New Orleans (2:45) 08. Me & I Can Toos (3:14)09. Lock Doctor (3:14)10. Think I know (3:14)11. Let it Rain (3:10)12. She Does 2 (3:35)


The Dare Ya Blues Band Is:

Johnny Dunn-acoustic & electric rhythm guitars, basses, keys, background vocals
Luke Alvino-harmonica, lead vocals
C.J. Calleri-lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Mike DiMeo-hammond & piano
Chris Anstiss-drums
Lisa Stawecki-background vocals
Michael Epstein-bass
Neil Gates-horns

Label: Monkemusic