Come on out to Outpost 186 in Cambridge MA Monday July 25 at 8 pm for a night of modern jazz! The Ryan Carraher Group will be performing original music from the acclaimed debut record “Vocturnal” here’s what people are saying:

“Ryan is a modern guitar virtuoso.  Having been a former student of mine, I noticed even at his first lesson that he has “the gift” and he would be a great player if not one of “the greats”.  Having an outstanding work ethic, a humble attitude, combined with his musical and physical abilities the sky is the limit for him.” -Derryl Gabel

“Dude! You’re killin! Definitely motivating me to keep learning new concepts. Keep up the great work!” – Tosin Abasi (Animals as Leaders)

“Definitely someone to watch, Carraher has made a real statement with ‘Vocturnal’; there is surely much more music to come from this highly talented player and composer.” -Budd Kopman All About

You can listen to “Vocturnal” here: