Finally a sneak peek inside the inner workings of Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong.  Rare vintage photos of Louie Armstrong and The Dukes of Dixieland historic recording sessions in the 60s are featured in a new You Tube video.  These photos give an intimate portrait of Satchmo and The Dukes at work, and can been seen in the video “New Orleans” from the album “Lost Treasures”.                                         

For the first time, rare photos of the historic sessions between the Dukes and Satch are revealed in a new You Tube video, “New Orleans”.  This song is a classic Dukes/Louie performance that fans can delight in as they catch a behind the scenes glimpse of these two great New Orleans legends.  The Dukes/Satchmo association stems far back to their roots in New Orleans as early performers.  Says Satch, “The Dukes of Dixieland whom I think was the youngest group to leave New Orleans was the first White Band whom me and my band played on the same stage with, which was a great thrill to me. It was the N.O. Auditorium. We played for a big concert there. I did not see the Dukes again until they came up North. I set in with them when they played at a night club in Chicago-in New York I made quite a few fine albums with them.”* It was this mutual admiration that led to the sessions now included on “Lost Treasures”.  The Assunto Family allowed some rare photos of themselves and Armstrong to be captured and for the first time these photos in their entirety are released in a new video on You Tube, “New Orleans.”

The photos from these sessions in the 1960s will give the fans a chance to witness some rare moments of Louie playing and also relaxing with the Dukes.  SRI Jazz’s Shelly Liebowitz selected “New Orleans” as the track best to show off these wonderful images.  Having worked with Satchmo himself, Liebowitz was thrilled with these never before seen photos.  “I only had the great fortune to work with him a couple of times. His warmth and charm were only exceeded by tremendous talent. He had to be the coolest dude ever with that big smile and the hankie in his hand….these recordings highlight Satch in all his glory with the white boys he loved to play Dixieland with. We are very proud to be able to release Lost Treasures by Louie & The Dukes.” Fans will not want to miss out on the surprise ending in “New Orleans” of a rare shot of Louie Armstrong.


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 *”Louie Armstrong, In His Own Words” edited by Thomas Brothers (La, B, Armstrong, Louis), Oxford Press,1999.