Bass player DEWAYNE PATE is so busy working as a sideman that it has taken him 14 years and a pandemic lockdown to find the time to record his second album as a leader. ON THE UPSIDE comprises
funk, blues, and fusion jazz tunes performed with a variety of instrumentations. Besides being an in-demand bass player, Pate is also an accomplished composer and included five of his original

Pate is a master of many styles and has performed around the world with many top acts. Pate played the 4-string bass for most of his career but switched first to the 5-string and then the 6-string bass because he wanted to expand his musical vocabulary, especially for jazz and fusion gigs. Pate quips, “Whenever I show up for a blues gig with my 6-string bass, people look at me funny. But for those gigs, I just play it like a regular 4-string bass.”

From jazz to fusion to Latin to funk to the blues, Dewayne Pate’s
superb musicianship has been an essential component of so many
different recordings and live performances that audiences may not
have realized just how accomplished and versatile he is. ON THE
UPSIDE is a musically rich, formidable display of Pate’s talents as a
composer and performer.

DAVID KIRK MATHEWS synths (1), B3 organ (2, 6), piano (3, 5),
keys (4, 5, 8), organ (7)
PETER HORVATH piano (1), FRANK MARTIN synths (1, 3), rhodes (3),
ROBBEN FORD guitar (5, 7), RAY OBIEDO guitar (1, 2),
CHRIS CAIN guitar (2), STEF BURNS guitar (3), JIM NICHOLS guitar (6),
BARRY FINNERTY guitar (8), Joel Behrman trumpet (2, 7)
NORBERT STACHEL soprano sax (1), tenor sax (2, 4, 8), flute (5),
JOHNNIE BAMONT tenor & baritone saxophones (2, 7),
RITA THIES flute (3), MIKE OLMOS trumpet & flugelhorn (3),
MARC RUSSO alto sax (7), DENNIS CHAMBERS drums (4, 8),
JASON LEWIS drums (3, 6), KEVIN HAYES drums (7),
MICHAEL SPIRO percussion (5), KARL PERAZZO percussion (9),
TONY LINDSAY vocals (2), JUAN LUIS PEREZ (J. Ele) vocals (5)
AMIKAEYLA GASTON vocals (6, 9)

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