There’s an even GREATER love story! My name is Rose Cora Perry and I’d like to share my tale with you:

Rose Cora Perry: Musician. Media Personality. Model.

For my wedding this past May, I wanted to do something really special to demonstrate my love to my hubby-to-be in a BIG way. As we’re both musicians, a serenade seemed in order, but it couldn’t be just any old tune.

We had planned for the affair to be a 1940s Classic Hollywood gala and so I began racking my brain for the “right” song that was equally era and lyrically appropriate.

Ryan Edward McNevin: Canadian Multi-Instrumentalist, Session Player & Audio Recording Engineer

As a diehard Sinatra fan, I had considered many of his well-known hits but I struggled to find one that really conveyed the message I wanted to express.

Then it came to me: “I Got Rhythm” because truly, “I couldn’t ask for anything more”.

The problem, of course, was then selecting the “right” version. I love both Ella Fitzgerald’s and Judy Garland’s unique vocal stylings, but neither rendition captivated me the way I sought to captivate my spouse.

By pure accident, IJim John's Swing Shift Band stumbled across Ethel Merman’s high energy and belt-heavy rendition which was, in my humble view, a bit much BUT I thought to myself, “what if there’s a way I could combine my favourite elements of each, in turn making a version of the song that was just for my husband and just for my voice? It does not after all get much more romantic than that.”

And so that’s exactly what I did! I hired a fantastic big band, who in addition to performing at our wedding, charted out my original arrangement and allowed me to practise with them.

THIS IS THE RESULT! I do hope you enjoy it!