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Guitarist Tobias Grim is releasing his debut album in close collaboration with the singer Karolina

Vucidolac , drummer Anders Kjellberg and bassist Magnus Bergström .

The group is now releasing their first joint album after playing together since in 2010.

With Brazilian rhythms and improvisation blended imaginatively with musical influences from

different directions, the band form a group sound and interaction that is based on the joy of playing

and virtuoso musicianship.


Tobias love for Brazilian music is a common thread throughout the album, but there are side trips

to the jazz trio and contemplation on the track Autumn where Magnus Bergström’s bas gets space

for lyrical solos .


Karolina is one of Sweden’s foremost interpreters of Brazilian music and has contributed texts to

the album together with the Brazilian text authors Sandra da Silva and Marcia Souza . Experienced

percussionist Anders Kjellberg lifts themusic with his imaginative and inspired playing.


Tobias Grim Trio

Tobias Grim – guitars

Magnus Bergström – bass

Anders Kjellberg – drums

Karolina Vucidolac – vocals

Distribution: Border Music, Tele: +46 (0)31 19 08 00, E-mail: info@border.se