Tampa, Florida (January 10, 2014): Smooth Jazz has started to take a turn with the introduction of new musical flavors that embrace purely positive uplifting sound. Often criticized as palatable groove-based music smooth jazz is evolving into a new category yet to be defined. Levy DeAndrade, founder of Level 10, stated, “We have a new generation of fans looking for a sound that we have been creating for years that is much more than an electronic gimmickry.”

Level 10’s “Vector” arrives as one of the jazz albums of the year displaying stellar technique and refreshing original compositions that brush aside any notion of jazz being in a rut. Brazilian and Cuban beats married with a funky attitude and an intense lyrical sense of purpose that hearken back to some of the early Spyro Gyra records. What makes Level 10’s work different aside from the obvious prolific instrumental talent of this global jazz collective is that no one is attacking this niche in the market with the same type of confidence that Level 10 brings to the table. “While some artists attempt to refer to their own Latin vibe while simply adding nothing more than a cowbell to their more than predictable arsenal, Level 10 lays down layers of flavor and musical colors one can hear.” said Jazz critic Brent Black The sound of Level 10 “Vector” is a mirror image of their stunning art work as they welcome you to the land of rhythm and groove with passion, flavor and authenticity that pays homage to their Brazilian and Cuban roots. Brent Black, Bop–N-Jazz Level 10’s new album is the re-awakening of contemporary Jazz – with a global vision and a positive message. Trish Hennessey, Hybrid Jazz Talk Radio Show “The ensembles are tight, while the concise solos are soulful, melodic and passionate. The music could be called fusion Latin crossover or even smooth, but Level 10 does not limit itself to one genre and succeeds at carving out its own musical niche. With their excellent musicianship and ability to say a lot in a short space, Level 10 clearly has a strong future.” Scott Yanow – Jazz Author & Journalist “It’s hard to pin down Level 10’s musical style, and that’s a good thing. There are some engaging smooth-jazz leanings, but on Level 10’s albums you’ll get plenty of muscular funk, Latin, contemporary jazz and Brazilian-style music.” Brian Soergel – Jazz Times “Brazilian pop jazz sensibilities will never be the same” CBS Radio Please visit Level 10’s website for additional information http://www.level10band.com