Danny Seraphine 2

Chicago is one of America’s most popular musical who transformed music with their very own innovative jazz/rock sound. Best known for their solid horn section and rhythm section, their hits span the decades as timeless.

Notable percussionist, Danny Seraphine, is the power drummer behind the solid rhythms heard on the band’s hit singles including “25 or 6 to 4,” “Take Me Back to Chicago” and “Street Player.”

After Chicago, Seraphine saw the clear vision to create a new band when he had the opportunity to step into an improvised jam session while in California with electric guitarist Marc Bonilla.

After a couple of power jam sessions together, Seraphine and Bonilla found synergy with keyboardist Ed Roth, bassist Mick Mahan, keyboardist Peter Fish,trombonists Francisco Torres and Nick Lane, Tower of Power vocalist Larry Braggs to create all new band, California Transit Authority (CTA). Seraphine met with band member, Bill Champlin, and after a creative session, added Champlin’s son, Will Champlin on as a CTA vocalist.

After creative recording sessions, CTA’s  CD release, Sacred Ground (Street Sense Records, 2013), was born as the official CD release of CTA led by Seraphine. The project is exemplary in terms of the band’s collective sound—a mixture of jazz, funk and solid original music for the new millennium.

The title track,”Sacred Ground”has a Chicago-esque flavor in its jazz/funk groove with other singles including “Primetime” and “In the Kitchen.”. CTA’s modern version of “Take Me Back to Chicago” emotes a solid jazz/rock feel true to Chicago’s form.


We had the opportunity to speak to Seraphine about  CTA and his new release and he had this to share. “It’s taken me a while to get here, but I feel like CTA is in a very good place. I’m very proud of this band, and I feel like we’ve made a record that will stand up for generations to come.”