It’s Dave Sanborn here in New York. I’m getting ready to start recording my next studio album and I’d like to involve you in the process. First let me tell you a little about the new record.

As most of you probably know Marcus Miller and I have worked together on a number of my records over the years. I’m happy to say those recordings have won a total of 5 Grammy’s and 7 Gold records. But it’s been nearly 15 years since we’ve been in the studio together.

Well, we are about to change that. Marcus will be working on this new recording as producer and bassist, and we’ll be writing a few new songs together as well. Those early records we made were seminal and I’m hoping we can come up with something as fresh and varied for these times as we did back then. I’ve also asked my old friend Randy Crawford to sing on a track and I’m sure that we’ll have one or two other surprises.

Next step: I want to share this experience with you as it happens.That’s why we’re here.

Pledge to PRE-ORDER the New Studio Album.

Your pledge opens the door to the making of the album and gets you the finished record as soon as it’s done. You’ll also have your choice of anything below – I’ve got lots to share with you here!

And a portion of your pledge even goes to help an incredible organization called March of Dimes.

I’m excited to be working with Marcus again, and equally excited about this new way of involving you in the process. We’re starting to record soon so take a look below and see what feels right for you, but get involved, help make this a success.

Get ready for a lot of fantastic music headed your way, experienced in a whole new way – as it happens!

— David