Taeko Ota is a New York City-based songwriter and crossover composer, inspired by classical, jazz, folk and pop music. In January 2016 she released her first album, which includes original uplifting pop songs, heart warming ballads, and famous jazz standards. Her sweet, pure voice spans four octaves and is best characterized by its lower range richness and colorful high range. That voice and emotional expression breaks beyond genres and attracts music lovers from all walks of life.

The album’s release marked the accomplishment of two of her most sought after dreams; sharing her voice, and her compositions with the world. This album’s theme is about rebuilding a life after a loss, and fighting the obstacles faced during that time. Each song deals with various degrees of hardships we all go through life. She wishes her songs could help listeners get the power and energy that is within us all to overcome them.

Her jazz guitar trio supports her perfectly, knowing when to add intensity and when to just play it cool. Guitar trio members: Masami Ishikawa (g), Seth Lewis (b), Paul Francis (d); 2014 Grammy Award winner for the album, Cheek to Cheek, with Lady Gaga.

Among her nine original songs are intimate gems where she sings accompanied only by her piano playing, and a song by contemporary music composer, Shoji Hisamatsu. The album features a tribute to two of her greatest influences and celebrates their career and life: Julie Andrews – Fifty years of Sound of Music, and Frank Sinatra – Frank Sinatra’s 100th Birthday.

Album is available at CD Baby: www.cdbaby.com/cd/taekoota , iTunes and Amazon.

More information at www.taekoota.com