Three 2 Go Music introduces E-Life7(EL7) featuring Michael Pennick with his debut CD Miked Up.EL7 unites some of Western NY’s finest musicians including keyboardists Rodney Spears & Charlie Crymes Jr., guitarist Ron Walker, drummer and percussionist Tim Webb, and bassist Mike Pennick. Special appearances are made by Ken Whitman (tenor sax), Walter Kemp III andVan Taylor (keyboards), and Joey Diggs and Dee Osbourne (vocals). EL7is the brain child of Ron Walker & Mike Pennick, long-time members of the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame as R&B recording artists for The Exoutics. EL7acknowledges the musical and spiritual influence of past and present members of The Exoutics.

While contemplatingtheirmusical future, Ron and Mike decided it was time toexplore theirJazz alter egos and discover what lay beneath the tender ballads and funky R&B grooves they’d been writing for years.After a brief discussion, it was agreed that their next project would highlight Mike’s skill and talent as a bassist. Eventually, this led to the formation of EL7.With extraordinary creativity and collaboration, the five member group conceived and recorded Miked Up.

Rodney’sunique keyboard accentsperfectly complement the keyboard foundations played by Charlie. Tim’sintricate drum touchreinforcesrhythmic,melodic bass lines and spicyguitar licks. When blended together,what a unique sound.

The project began in summer of 2012 andwas completed in late spring 2013, taking several interesting twists and turns as each member shared creative ideas and opinions to help shape this outstanding project. The resultingCD capturesthe flavor and passion of each musician. Audiences will enjoy and appreciate this special blend of jazz and R&B. Miked Up covers the gamut of emotions fromthe rhythm shifting jazz&funk of “Chaos” to thefun-filled,upbeat, and playful “Sunday Night”. The remake of Stevie Wonder’s “That Girl”, intimate revelations of “Inner Beauty” and “Before the Storm”make this CDa pleasure to listen to and sure to appeal to the most demanding pallet.Life is short, enjoy it! So what does EL7stand for?

Enjoy Life 7 days a week (Exoutics for Life).

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RW Music Video Production / Three 2 Go Music

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Phone (716) 310 6221

“Miked Up” – The story behind the songs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVrah9iROA0

“Sunday Night” – Conceived by Ron Walker, this upbeat, playful song originated Sunday evening while resting in bed after experiencing a very enjoyable late spring day in Western New York. Sunday Night is the musical expression of that specific day. That day actually made the pending Monday a little easier to accept (it’s all about attitude). Mike Pennick put his twist on the bass line by adding a little more rhythm and melodic solo, while Rodney added the string/brass hook keyboard line. The song concludes with classic back and forth instrumental call and response between bass, keyboard and guitar. Note the lingering echo at the end of this song, which reflects the lasting impact of that day.

“Chaos” – The non-standard time signature reflects the nature of the beast. The original title of the song was “Organized Chaos” (thanks, Tim). Daily we are provided with the illusion of control over our life. In fact, we are along for the ride. Making the best of each day is about all we can control. Tim’s driving drum solo is awesome. The keyboard chords by Charlie vary slightly within the song to reinforce the random nature of Chaos. Written by Ron, Chaos is short, sweet and to the point. The concept of the song is well delivered and the musical performance is exceptional.The funk embedded within the song is reflective of how quickly life can change. The crowd noise heard during the musical break near the middle of the song was actually recorded during the first public performance of this song during the 2012 Queen City Jazz Festival (it’s the actual crowd reaction to the performance).

“Second Level” – A driving bass line and funky keyboard horn accents are the signatures of this song.Written by Mike Pennick, this song is his response to Ron’s challenge to come up with a song that highlights his musical ability without going over the top. Mike decided to take this project to the 2nd level. Plenty of movement and spice to hold your attention as the song never seems to level off. After several intense dialogue sessions about the timing of the intro section, the group finally arrived at a great place and the results recorded for everyone to hear. The bottom line is a very likeable song and truly a clear reflection of how well EL7 works together.

“Smooth Ride” –Mid-tempo track allows the listener to come along for a very enjoyable musical ride. Originally introduced by Mike as a rough concept during one of the groups creative writing sessions this song quickly came together. After Charlie and Rod put some structure to the keyboard parts, Ron added a rhythm guitar lick to counter the bass line. Tim shifted the overall feel of the song by adding his counter intuitive approach to the drum beat. The only thing missing was the lead sax that everyone in the group agreed the song needed to make it what it should be. Enter Ken Whitman tenor sax player extraordinaire to put the song over the top. The blend and interaction between the bass and horn is great, especially at the end of the song.

“Inner Beauty” – One day prior to the start of rehearsal, Rod and Ron started tuning and warming up as usual. Eventually Ron stopped playing and Rod started to play some sweet keyboard chords on top of a pre-programmed drum line.Ron asked him what song he was playing, to which Rod replied “I’m just fooling around with something.” Ron said, “I hear a great song there.” After everyone else arrived, a song structure evolved and Mike started to work on a bass solo that, when combined with the basic bass line, is both dynamic and compelling. The producer contacted Walt Kemp III to add a slightly different piano flavor to the song and several iterations later, “Inner Beauty” was born. This enticing ballad is all about looking beneath the surface to examine the inner beauty that lies in everyone. It may not be obvious to the casual observer but there is beauty all around us if you look deep enough. The drum and bass solo in the middle of the song is intended to remind the listener of that concept. Once again, Tim came up with something out of the ordinary on the drums to make this song extra special.

“That Girl” – By Stevie Wonder; this song was not intended to be included on the CD. Mike and Ron talked about performing a song to put on the internet to bring attention to EL7. Mike heard a version of “That Girl” and thought it would be a good song to cover. The group collaborated with rearranging the song while maintaining its integrity. After hearing the final arrangement, the group decided to license the song for inclusion on the CD. The studio session was video recordedto post online. What you see online is the actual studio recording session.The intro lead guitar was added after the original video & audio were recorded.What you see on the video is what you hear on the CD.

“Tony Rome” –Tribute to Marvelous Marvin Valentine. This laid back ballad features the true talent of bassist Mike Pennick. Marvin Valentineplayed organ as one of the original members of The Exoutics. He became known for being the coolest member of the group.Marvin was given several nicknames by The Exoutics based on his ultra-cool demeanor. Among the nicknames were “Aldo Chilla” and “Tony Rome” (his middle name was Anthony). This song was written in memory of the late Marvelous Marvin Valentine.Note the hints of organ throughout the entire song. The hectic ending of the song is a tribute to the wilder side of Marvelous Marvin. Written byRon Walker and Mike Pennick. Marvin’s spirit lives on in EL7.

“Sunrise”– Musical expression of abeautiful sunrise. Written in July 2012 by Ron,this song originally was to feature a guitar solo. After listening to the basic foundation of the song, a sax solo seemed to bring the song closer to its destination. Ken Whitman was asked to put his twist on it and he did a fantastic job. The sax solo fits perfectly. The upbeat and positive nature of this song makes it one of EL7’s favorites.

“FeelinYou” – Speaks to attraction felt but rarely expressed. The message is simple but effective. This song received exceptional positive reaction during preview listening sessions. It’s said to have strong commercial appeal. Driven by a solid bass and drum foundation, the break down draws attention to the vocals performed by Dee and Joey – a couple of excellent vocalists. This song is uniquely EL7, soul, funk, jazz, R&B- you decide.

“Before The Storm” – Producers favorite, written around the time that hurricane Sandy was approaching the East coast. This song expresses the quiet before the storm. The emotion of each musician is captured perfectly during solos. Written by Mike Pennick and polished by everyone in EL7. The song is passionate and expressive.

“Miked Up”– The title track is all about funk and fun. Excellent bass work by Mike with an inescapable Go Go dance beat. This song is definitely more R&B than Jazz, and a pleasure to listen to. It is EL7 extending a personal invitation to “Get Miked Up” by experiencing the talent of EL7 featuring Mike.

“Beautiful Day”– A very special song reaching back to a simpler time. The music journey begins with a mellow introduction mimicking waking up in the morning. It takes the listener on a musical stroll, ultimately ending as the music slows and calms down, indicating the end of a beautiful day.