I’ve always had a fondness for the sound of the human voice accompanied by guitar. Be it Bing Crosby and Eddie Lang, Frank Sinatra and Tony Mottola, Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Pass or Tuck & Patti, there’s something visceral about the intimacy of this combination that invites the audience to come closer, join the performers and listen attentively.

For some time now I’ve wanted to record a series of duets for voice and guitar but just never got around to it. Of course, I needed the right singer. I could find no better partner in this labor of love than my friend and colleague Eric Hoffman. We’ve worked together in a variety of contexts and ensembles over the past decade and found our collaborations to be rewarding.
– Ken Hatfield

  1. See You Tomorrow (À Demain) 4:12
  2. Spring Can Really Ha ng you Up the Most 6:49
  3. Stirri ngs Still 3:47
  4. Down Here o n the Ground 4:39
  5. Juniper Street 4:22
  6. You Can Never Hold Back Spring 4:27
  7. Most E very Day 2:52
  8. Answer Me , My Love 3:34
  9. Lonely Nocturne 3:14
  10. Any Place I Hang My Hat is Home 4:05
  11. The Time I Spend with You 3:42

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