Featured soloists: Carl Saunders, trumpet; Wayne Bergeron, trumpet; Pete Christlieb, tenor sax; Scott Whitfield, trombone; Rusty Higgins, saxes and flute; Christian Jacob, piano


LA’s finest are on hand for the ‘ride’!  An extremely enjoyable collaboration that ended in a ‘tight’, world-class large ensemble project with incredible charts & solos…In addition to playing great solos, the soloists’ effervescent personalities gave rise to many enjoyable moments during the recording process. This is a Special Recording and was one of the last sessions of the late, great Carl Saunders.

One of Urwin’s favorite Carl-isms was elegantly simple and gave real-world advice on how to be both successful and happy.  Urwin still calls it to mind frequently.  It goes something like this:

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