Since the 2009 vintage, Palmer reveals its new vintage in music. This year, the 2013 vintage was interpreted by the Daniel Humair Quartet. You can now enjoy the concert on

Palmer and jazz ? A common philosophy.
Like Palmer, jazz has deep roots, with a long history that has undergone many influences and inspirations and, while traditional, is always open to innovation. This respect for tradition is constantly enhanced by expanding its limits – while remaining faithful to its roots.
Jazz is a blend of tradition and innovation, memory and improvisation, listening and dialogue. Wine is the same, combining terroir, climate, grape varieties, science, and technology. However, creating fine wine also takes inspiration, good taste, expertise, and an excellent memory that ties everything together. That is how great wines are made.

Discover the link between Palmer and jazz music by watching the mini-videos used to announce the artists for the 2013 vintage‘ interpretation. Vibrations for the senses, Inspired composition, Expressive maturity, A blend of notes.

The Daniel Humair Quartet.
During 2 days the unprecedented configuration formed by Emile Parisien, Jérôme Regard, Danilo Rea and Daniel Humair explored Palmer’s world, its terroir, its history, its wines and more specifically its newborns, Château Palmer and Alter Ego 2013.
Full of their feelings, words, emotions, memories, they improvised during a concert, tribute to the 2013 vintage. The concert was held in the cellars, surrounded by barrels full of 2013.

…one can certainly see a connection between the different phases in the elaboration of a fine wine and the delicate orchestration of a piece of music based on improvisation and the art of instantaneous composition.”  Daniel Humair.