By: Edward Blanco

Heartmony is Bulgarian-born guitarist Hristo Vitchev’s fourth album as leader and a constant on all of his music, is Brazilian-born Weber Ribeiro Drummond, a Latin Grammy-nominated classical jazz pianist who later changed his last name to Iago in honor of the Roma people (Gypsies). Both men are fixtures of the San Francisco Bay Area jazz scene and brothers in the music sense where playing off each other seems as natural as breathing. In 2009, Vitchev decided on recording an intimate duet, a classical portrait and chose Iago as his partner on The Secrets of An Angel.

That collaboration has led to this new venture where the duo join forces once again recording yet another bold and introspective album of classical-infused light jazz that tugs at the heart. You will not find swinging rhythms or fast-paced sizzling material on any of Vitchev’s albums; it’s just not part of his musical make up. The soft tender sounds of Heartmony are simply well-suited to Vitchev and Iago as they excel in painting classically-tinged canvases. Hristo Vitchev is a gifted composer and master guitarist whose stylish approach to the music makes him a hidden wonder of the jazz world. Weber Iago is a virtuoso on the piano applying his talents on a range of musical styles from Brazilian to classical, demonstrates his command of the instrument in every piece of this project.

Heartmony is an intelligent musical statement and gentle follow up to his previous works, a relaxing soulful musical experience sure to touch a piece of your heart.

Year: 2011 Label: First Orbit Sounds Music Artist Web: