Jessie Galante’s vocals carry the strength of a thunderstorm. As a Buffalo Music Hall of Fame Inductee for 2010, Galante’s heart-pounding melodies echo through any room she graces with her presence. There is no ignoring her; Jessie belts out every lyric as if she’s singing directly to you, imbuing her songs with a passionate energy that motivates and stirs the soul.

Buffalo Native Motivated by her adoration of music and an urge to express her inner emotions, Jessie set out in the rock and blues-filled streets of Buffalo, her hometown. That’s where she discovered her powerful singing voice and discovered herself. Galante confidently strutted the city with her spectacular voice, spreading an aura of unprecedented vocal performance.

I Can’t Quit You Babe “I was mesmerized by her energy, by the raw emotion in her voice that brought to life every lyric. It was clear that Jessie wasn’t just singing a song; she was living it. She had found a way to convey the emotion behind every word and make it relatable to all who heard it. With each note, her voice soared, and I was powerless to resist its magic.” – Shamine Wise

“Jessie Galante is a star. She stands among the very best I have ever worked with in the music industry. Her unique and powerful voice must continue to be heard. I personally attend all her performances because of the pure enjoyment of it”, – Eight Time Grammy Award Winner Engineer/Producer – Mick Guzauski, LAart…”