Dutch (alto- and soprano-) saxophoneplayer Joris Posthumus waited six years before he was ready to release his second album under his own name. Posthumus formed a new group consisting five Japanese musicians and recorded Tokyo’s Bad Boys.

Posthumus’ love for Japan arose during a tour through China in 2011, where Posthumus met Japanese saxophonist Yuichiro Tokuda, who also was on tour with his own band. The musicians stayed in touch and in 2014 Joris was invited by Yuichiro to play in his band in Japan. Joris then began to compose songs inspired by his adventure in the Far East. A year later Yuichiro was invited back to play in the Netherlands, during his stay the new songs could be played.

Jazz is very popular in Japan Posthumus says, “Four-year-old children are present at jazz concerts. After each concert long lines of people are waiting for my autograph.” What makes jazz so popular in Japan? According to Posthumus Japanese popularity of jazz can be explained by Japanese interest in melody. Popmusic is less interesting for them because of the English lyrics. Japanese cities count many, mostly small, jazz clubs which are completely equipped for this kind of music.”

Tokyo’s Bad Boys proves to be a strong album containing melodically interesting, strong pieces like the titletrack and the uptempo composition One Eyed Felix. With their powerful synchronous play the saxophones create an incisively and intriguing sound. Yanagi’s use of pentatonic chords, also characteristic for the playing style of McCoyTyner, provides a steady framework to the sound of the group. The compositions show a controlled sense of rhythm and melody, especially the final one, called Jorogumo, named after a mythical story from Japan, a song that sounds like a John Coltrane- ballad.

Joris Posthumus has delivered a thrilling and swinging album and it was worth waiting six years. Hopefully we don’t have to wait six years for the appearance of Posthumus’ next album.
Joris Posthumus alto and soprano saxophone;
Yuichiro Tokuda alto saxophone;
Yuki Nakae tenor saxophone;
Yanagi Shunichi piano;
Satoshi Tokuda bass;
Gaku Hasegawa drums
included: September 2015, NK Tokyo Sound Studio
Issued: September 9, 2016
Label: Challenge Records

Website: www.jorisposthumus.com