Every Monday at The Stone
beginning September 12th

On Monday, September 12, 2011, Karl Berger’s Stone Workshop Orchestra begins a new season at The Stone – the John Zorn-founded downtown performance space for avant-garde and experimental music ( corner of Ave C and East 2nd Street ). Themes by the likes of Don Cherry, Ornette Coleman, original compositions, and melodies from the inexhaustible bounty of non-Western music are being explored and conducted by Karl Berger in his inimitable style, developed over many years at the legendary Creative Music Studio (www.creativemusicstudio.org). The ensemble aims at the highest levels of harmonizing improvised sound in orchestral expressions and contrasting solo/duo/trio flights.
The new season is prompted by the success of this popular Monday night series, where captivated audiences delight in watching the 18+-piece improvisers’ orchestra turn themes and concepts, developed in the 7:15pm rehearsal, into a fully formed 9:00 p.m. performance.

Performers include: Art Bailey (accordion), SkyeSteele, Frederika Krier, David Bakriges, Tom Swafford (violin), Sylvain Leroux (flutes), Ken Ya Kawaguchi (Shakuhachi), Afram Fever (clarinet), Catherine Sikora, (soprano sax), David Schnug (alto sax), Stephen Gauci, Darryl Foster, Yoni Kretzmer (tenor sax), Lorenzo Sanguedolce (baritone sax) Thomas Heberer, Herb Robertson, Brian Groder (trumpet), Steve Swell (trombone), Adam Caine, Harvey Valdes, Dominic Lash, David Perrott, Adam Lane, Ken Filiano, Michael Bisio (bass), Lou Grassi, Harris Eisenstadt (drums), Philip Foster (odds and ends), and surprise guests.

One of the trademarks of Karl Berger’s Stone Workshop Orchestra is Ingrid Sertso’s uncanny vocalization and poetry.
Karl Berger plays and conducts from the piano and occasionally picks up the melodica. The list of professional players participating in Karl Berger’s Stone Workshop Orchestra has been growing steadily.

The Stone is located on the northwest corner of Avenue C and East 2nd Street.

Tickets are $20 ($10 for students, seniors, musicians, Stone regulars and CMS supporters).

All proceeds support the CMS Archive Project, the preservation and re-mastering of over 400 historic CMS recordings by some of the finest innovators in music, in collaboration with Columbia University.