Grammy winning singer-songwriter Leo Sidran’s eighth solo record.
The title track “What’s Trending “was inspired by Leo’s 11 year-old daughter,
Sol, who he says, “is the ultimate trend follower, always showing me some new
meme, dance or Internet phenomenon…”

Sol appears on the track as well as a handful of others and sings with a maturity
that belies her youth.

As on his previous projects, he counts on the collaboration of a select handful
of friends as featured guests, including:
Janis Siegel (Manhattan Transfer)
Louis Cato (band leader of The Late Show)
Jon Lampley (The Huntertones)
Jake Sherman, Lauren Henderson, and Michael Leonhart (Steely Dan)

Nearly all of the collaborators on the project have also been guests on
Sidran’s celebrated podcast The Third Story.

Promotion: Michael Carlson – 360.598-3044