Marko Djordjevic & Sveti
“Something Beautiful”
Friday, May 3rd Midnight
@ The Blue Note
131 W. 3rd St
New York, NY 10012
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Marko Djordjevic, leader, composer, drums
Bobby Avey – piano
Tivon Pennicott – tenor sax
Peter Slavov – ac. bass

“Something Beautiful”
(Goalkeeper Records GK-001)
Street Date: May 3rd, 2013

The name of this album reflects a deep rooted human longing to dwell in the presence of Beauty, and, when inspiration calls, create something which is at once beautiful and lasting. In his compositions, Marko Djordjevic draws on various aspects of his experience, from formative years in Serbia to his present day life as an internationally acclaimed musician based in NYC.

As a drummer, Djordjevic is one of a kind, honestly pushing the envelope and creating new musical vocabulary in the process. Modern Drummer Magazine acknowledges this by calling him “a true innovator”, while one of the most prominent jazz musicians of our time, Ari Hoenig says: “Marko is superb as a drummer and a composer. His new record draws from many different sources, while consistently captivating and grooving throughout.” The most compelling quality of Something Beautiful (1709-2110) is the treatment the music gets  by the phenomenal musicians on this recording date. Bobby Avey’s harmonic prowess and unique impressionist approach on the piano and Desmond White’s ability to be both rock solid and supremely creative on the upright bass are in evidence throughout. Add to this the masterful delivery and titanic sound of Eli Degibri and lucid rhythmic innovations by Tivon Pennicott on tenor sax, and new life is infused into the word interplay! The attentive, unselfish, intense and multidirectional musical interactions captured within make Something Beautiful (1709-2110) an album to behold.

Recorded at the great Highline Studios, ably mixed and mastered by two wonderful musicians, Pete Rende and Nate Wood, this album sets a sonic standard, making it a complete statement worthy of its title.

Marko Djordjevic is a musician “whose name is quickly becoming synonymous with greatness”, as noted in the book The New Face Of Jazz by author Cicily Janus. This album unequivocally confirms this assertion.

But, what about the numbers? What does 1709-2110 stand for? The only answer we can offer is that Something truly Beautiful always leaves a trace of mystery in its wake.

“Marko is superb as a drummer and a composer. His new record draws from many different sources, yet it is consistently captivating and grooving throughout!”
Ari Hoenig (Punk Bop, Chris Potter)

“Marko’s music is strong and lovely as always!” Lee Townshend – producer (Bill Friesell, John Scoefild)

“Marko Djordevic’s new album “Something Beautiful” is just that – great compositions, beautifully interpreted and performed, excellently produced and recorded. A fantastic record by an exciting artist. – Nir Felder (Terry Lyne Carrington, Eric Harland)

“Marko is a Fantastic Drummer and his master delivery makes him a great pleasure to work with!” – Michael Henderson (Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis)

“Marko is truly a melodic drummer, no matter what style of music he is playing… Just listen to his new album, that will explain it more than I can express…”
Clarence Spady (Inducted into the National Blues Hall Of Fame in 2012)

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