New York City-based saxophonist Daniel Bennett has been hailed as one of the most original and unpredictable musical voices of his generation. The Daniel Bennett Group plays a special CD release at the Stissing Center (2950 Church St, Pine Plains, NY) on July 23rd at 7pm. The Daniel Bennett Group is celebrating the release of their album, ‘New York Nerve.’ Daniel Bennett is joined by master percussionist Koko Bermejo (drums/keyboard) and acclaimed bassist Peter Brendler. The Stissing Center seeks to positively impact the community by partnering with artists to create meaningful programs, events, and opportunities. The Stissing Center aims to support local economic revitalization and job creation in Pine Plains and the surrounding Hudson Valley region. Daniel Bennett has been featured in Timeout New York, NPR and the Boston Globe. The UK Jazz Journal called Bennett, “an outspoken voice of hope,” during the Covid 19 pandemic. Daniel Bennett Group was recently voted ‘Best New Jazz’ in Hot House Magazine. Bennett is the associate director of the New York Jazz Academy in Times Square. Daniel Bennett recently played woodwinds in ‘Blank! The Musical,’ the first fully improvised musical to launch on a national stage. The New York Times called the show, “Witty, Likable and Ludicrous!” Daniel Bennett’s theatrical works have strongly influenced his eclectic sound and musical storytelling abilities as a bandleader. The Boston Globe described Bennett’s music as, “a mix of jazz, folk and minimalism.” Daniel Bennett’s genre-bending sound has captivated audiences throughout the world. For more information about the concert, call (518) 771-3340.