National Indie Radio (WNIR) mission is to promote top quality music by unsigned artists on a platform where their music can be heard alongside major label artists. WNIR can be accessed on multiple platforms to reach unlimited listeners. In addition to the radio’s online platform, WNIR has iTune and Android Apps with free App downloads making it easy to listen to WNPI anywhere and anytime.

WNIR plays the best music by independent artists in all genres. Every independent artist on our station has been selected by our Review Board. Artist can audition for one of WNIR’s 6 radios shows on WNIR’s website.

WNIR airs on multiple platforms to reach millions of listeners. Our iTunes APP and Android APP (on Google Play) make it easy to listen to WNIR anywhere and anytime.

WNIR currently plays 24/7/365 with 6 regularly scheduled programs including Pop Musik, HerStory, Rap Around, Refugees of Rock, Roots & Wings and The Country Club. Between our regularly scheduled programs, WNIR’s ‘Indie Mashup’ plays for a non-stop independent music radio experience. WNIR’s dynamic schedule is posted weekly.