Antonio is a giving, respectful human being. His musical abilities encompass Soul, Science and Sound.
This performance, as always, shows a deep passion and love for his God given talent and devotion.
Ever since we met he has been “Like a Son to me.” – Jimmy Heath

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Antonio attended the Baltimore School for Art, studied with Andy McGhee at the Berklee College of Music, and has a master’s degree form Queens College, City University of New York. He feels very blessed to have the balance of teaching, as well as performing around the world. In his off time, he practices martial arts and listens to other styles of music for inspiration.

Words that come to mind for those that don’t know him well are passionate, intense, serious, good humored, and compassionate. These are all accurate descriptions. But for those of us who know him well the key words are fierce, focused, dedicated, dependable, strong, helpful, loyal and generous.

Those of us fortunate enough to share the stage with him know that when the bell rings and it’s time to hit, this man is always ready to climb any mountain, no matter how high the peak. And he approaches every aspect of his life with the same no-nonsense attitude. From the bandleader’s perspective he’s a dream, money in the bank, never failing to deliver with passion and grace. From the band member’s perspective… you’d better bring it or he’ll let you know some way or another that you need to step it up. For those of us who play with him, it’s always on when he’s in the band. The phrase “take no prisoners” comes to mind. Whenever and wherever Antonio walks on a stage, it’s about serious business. No excuses and no mediocrity. His agenda is always the same… musical excellence. – John Lee