People who love melodies and rhythm can now make it an integral part of their life by learning vocal or instrumental Jazz at their convenience. New York Jazz Academy (NYJA) offers Jazz courses online that could be beneficial for aspiring musicians who are unable to attend regular classes due to personal obligations. It’s a flexible web-based program that will help students learn Jazz by taking lessons to become a fluent vocal or instrumental Jazz artist.

Through these courses, students can study on their own time and at their own pace with study materials, video conferencing, and video lessons. Primarily, students will learn Jazz through the following courses:

1.    Online Private Lessons
2.    Improvisation and Jazz Theory
3.    Jazz Styles and Analysis
4.    Jazz Arranging
5.    Fundamentals of Jazz Improvisation
6.    Bebop Line Building

NYJA also provides free classes on Music Notation Basics and Jazz History. These free courses are available at any time.

These specifically designed online courses can make up for the regular classes that students are unable to attend.  They get trained by skilled instructors on reading Jazz notations, developing an ear for music by listening, attending concerts, and doing research on history, biographies, and legacies of the Jazz greats. Students can take as much time as they want considering the time schedule that suits them. Also, the collaborative method of this course will create enough scope for the students to understand the subtle aspects of Jazz music. Also, the academy provides updated course modules keeping up with the latest developments in harmony, rhythm, vocabulary, music notation, improvisation and so on.

Through the online courses, learners also become familiar with various styles of Jazz music that will prepare them for solo or ensemble performances. Such exposures will eventually help students gain confidence to become more fluent performing artists. Learners can enroll online at any time to begin their course of study.

About New York Jazz Academy:

The New York Jazz Academy is a rapidly growing Jazz music school in New York. It has developed and deployed a successful Jazz learning model for the musicians of all age groups with reasonable course fees. Students get plenty of exposure through ensembles, classes, workshops and summer programs where they get to learn from some of the best faculty and professional musicians.

For more information contact us at:

New York Jazz Academy
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Program Director – Javier Arau

Tel: (718) 426-0633