Giuseppe Millaci & Vogue Trio © Arnaud Ghys

Giuseppe Millaci & Vogue Trio © Arnaud Ghys

Belgium based jazz musician Giuseppe Millaci (29 years old) presents an ambitious and polished debut with the release of his album ‘Songbook’.

Giuseppe Millaci bass / Amaury Faye piano / Lionel Beuvens drums.

From its opening number ‘Nostalgia Op.1’, a tantalising prologue, the act’s superior standard of composition, performance and production values is strikingly apparent. Immediately, jazz connoisseurs and newcomers alike will recognise that Millaci and his band deserve to be taken seriously and will not regret their decision to continue listening.


“Songbook” HR001 – Hypnote Records

‘Imagining the Fourth Dimension’ sets a steady pace, evoking imagery of traveling into the unknown. A sense of trepidation and wonderment is accompanied by wandering piano lines and shuffling percussion. The track segues flawlessly into ‘Travel To’, continuing the journey and easing the listener into a more relaxed. ‘Unknown Land’ suggests danger and mystery lurks ahead, with dissonant screeching from a bowed double bass lending the album a contemporary edge.

‘Song For Clarice’ represents the beginning of a second chapter for Songbook, fresh melody moving into a lofty dreamscape; delicate and forever uplifting. ‘Crazy Night, Lazy Day’ swings mischievously to and fro, with a intricate bebop double bass solo. ‘Room 317’ showcases the talents of pianist Amaury Faye, constructing complex melodic structures with breathtaking ease.

‘Lollipop’ strides confidently onward, towards the album’s closing. ‘Skylark’ concludes the album with a sense of completion and satisfaction. Once the song is over, those who listen on beyond a couple of minutes of silence will be rewarded with a surprising bonus!

Songbook by Giuseppe Millaci & Vogue Trio is a solid debut album and is clearly the result of considerable effort and skill, this album is released on 29 September, 2017 through the label Hypnote Records.


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The band will be embarking on a concert tour in support of the release, commencing in November, 2017.