New eclectic music material from the album INSIDE CITY, is result of the over two-year-long exploration of various artistic regions and genres. It’s a set of original compositions by Sławek Dudar. Dynamism and minimalism, painting with the use of color and space, energetic solos of the guitarist, expressive and thoughtful solos of the pianist, with the support of unrestrained playing of the drummer, bass grooves and balanced solos of the saxophonist – that’s what characterizes the entire album.

The new  album of the band SŁAWEK DUDAR QUARTET was recorded in one of the best recording studios in Poland – RecPublica in Lubrza. The final composition  line-up of the band was formed over a longer period of time. Apart from the leader, its core member (several years in the quartet) is the drummer, Wojtek Buliński, Robert Jarmużek (pianist) – member of numerous outstanding acoustic and electric projects, and Adam Kabaciński – bassist, guitarist, producer, songwriter, open-minded electronic and acoustic instrumentalist.  The album features Jacek Zemecki (singer and composer) and Artur Lesicki (guitarist). The album is now available on