“Voz” is a  winner album filled with plumy swinging touch and graceful articulation jazz and jazz vocals category. Luis Munoz captures our ears and attention because of the vocalists timbre and sound instead of notes and pitches. The ensemble smudges great  instrumental expression which simultaneously results in a dilatation of possibilities for creativity using high musicianship, and orchestrations. Munoz’s endowment is highlighted, but the unique combination of Munoz with Claudia Acuna’s singular vocal skills are remarkable. 

“Voz” succeeds in working with a fine instrumental combination. “Argentina” is one of the greatest jewels of the album.  Acuna’s sounds totally inspired and connected at every moment, the band inflicts solacic, melodic fragments beforehand to free up tickles, buzzes and blows gracefully. 

The mood of this work oozes glow and say-so via catching vocalisations throughout these blended pieces of art. Moreover, the Latin element evidences more of an implicit in rhythmic framework. Vocalist and instrumentalists accord analogue thread and the singer exults in ample breathing and outing-like scat which is amazing and light-hearted. Claudia Acuna reaches immaculate highs and potent ways of expressing lyrics.

As a whole, this album possesses the aforementioned ingredients, such as a sense of communal engagement as well as spontaneous vocal energy and mind.

Label: Pellin Music


Tracks: Preludio Y Fin; Manatial; Argentina; Journey Of Saint Augustine; Pasión; Testamento/Mas Alla; Amarilis; Quisiera; Amanecer Luminoso.