KITCHENER, May 24, 2013 — Jazz recording artist Randy Lyght released his new single “Witchcraft” today. “Witchcraft” is available on iTunes.
“Witchcraft” follows the release of Randy Lyghts’ debut CD “Just In Time” in 2012, of which many tracks from this album have been streaming and on radio rotation internationally.

Jazz music is universal. Whether it be a track designed for clubs or a ballad, jazz music is inherently romantic. It can take you in and make you feel the love.
With that in mind, along with his own love for jazz standards, Randy Lyght sings “Witchcraft” to reach those audiences. He explains, ‘That he loves, respects and understands the exquisite craftsmanship of singing songs from the past. “

Besides having intonation, perfect pitch and a beautiful voice, this artist respects a song, its melody and lyrics. He knows how to make them sound “now” without losing what they were “then.”

“Witchcraft” features the full orchestration of days gone by — all characteristic of the songs’ from The American Songbook.

“ Witchcraft” will be a great addition to his upcoming CD to be released later in 2013.
Music lovers may visit Randy Lyghts’ website to sample and purchase “Witchcraft”, available now on iTunes and CD Baby. Or, fans may also listen to and view the song on video on YouTube.

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Website: http://www.randylyght.com