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IAKI VALLEJO BIO Iaki Vallejo was born between the sound of drums, chants, dances and vinyl records in Colombia. It was common in her hood that all neighbours listened to very loud music everyday. That turned into “music battles” between the families, where the winner was the one who had the biggest and best stereo and tuned the greatest hits of the time. Lulled to sleep every night with the street’s music was very common. At home, a house filled with songs, each family member loved its own music style, rhythms that in many ways influenced Iaki’s artistic career since its inception at the age of four. Iaki was 14 when she started performing in restaurants, hotels, festivals and private parties in her city. years later she took an undergraduate degree in music and performing and moved to the capital, Bogota where she worked as a studio backup singer and later as the lead singer of her first music project and recorded her first album titleled “Añoranzas”. After some years, Iaki felt she needed to learn more and expand her career path. She had the opportunity to travel to Spain were she worked with Latin bands and performed in many music festivals around Cataluña. A year later she moved to Italy, place she called home for a decade. During this time she had the opportunity to work with renowned artists from around the world and her music tastes and influences expanded. She performed in big festivals like “fiesta en Roma 2004”, festival Contrapunto 2005, Latin Festival 2005, and in important events such as Miss Italy 2006 Calabria and many others summer festivals. Iaki is living in Australia, where she feels her music has been enriched and she has finally found the best way to express her feelings. In Melbourne she has performed in many events such as: The chilean Festival 2013 and 2015, Argentinian NYE 2013, Mordialloc Festival 2014, Globe to Globe Festival 2013, Copacabana International latin festival 2014, Ormond Hall Latin Festival 2014 and 2015, Whittlesea Music Festival 2015. She is currently working in her own and most important project of her career, next to the world’s most innovative Master drummer David Jones, as a Co-producer and musician, and the famous Colombian arranger and producer Cristian Villota, where for the first time her own songs are included alongside traditional Afro-Colombian songs. Such is iaki vallejo : rich in its inheritance of tradition and its embrace of modernity, alive with the spirit of a true innovator, bursting with expressiveness.