Iaki Vallejo releases her debut self-titled album on July 7, and will be celebrating with a launch at the iconic Bennett’s Lane Jazz Club, in Melbourne’s CBD. The album is a celebration of everyday life in Colombia and Melbourne, and was written in both countries. It combines Latin American flavour, beats, and storytelling with a universal appeal.Iaki Vallejo has had a colourful musical history, performing globally at festivals around the world. Originally from Colombia but spending a decade in Italy, and time in Spain performing with Internationally renowned musicians has meant that her debut self-titled album combines world music from many regions, but with a distinct South-American flavour and excitement.
Iaki is a seasoned and professional performer, artist and songwriter, who has an album that combines so styles and musical themes seamlessly. Born between the sound of drums, chants, dances and vinyl records in Colombia, Iaki grew up in a neighbourhood where loud music was playing at all times. Her family members were musical, instilling a style and rythym on Iaki that is evident in her music with
pulsating and driving drum beats, strong vocals and Afro-Jazz undertones.
Iaki explains,
” This album reflects my story. My dreams, hopes, and songs about my daily life. ‘Margarita’ was written about my mother – one of the biggest inspirations in my life”.

Charisma and power are key words to describe Iaki’s stage presence and performance. Her strong energy and
voice combined with her sensual dancing are sure to get everyone dancing and engaged with her music. Taken from her Afro-Colombian roots, musical traditions of cumbia, chande, bullerengue, funk and jazz are interwoven to create Iaki’s original sound.
Iaki’s ten piece band is comprised of musicians from Australia, Cuba, Chile, Italy, Peru and Colombia. Director and pianist Daniel Mougerman exudes youth and enthusiasm as he directs the talented collection of esteemed musicians including Miles Izzo on trumpet, Paul Van Ross on saxophone and flute, Ash Richter on trombone, Carlo Dellepiane on bass, Jethro Negron on drums, Cristian Saavedra on Latin Percussion and Zoila Alvarez Padilla and Guadalupe Alvarez Padilla on backing vocals. This ten piece musical extravaganza will hit the stage with Iaki at the iconic Bennett’s Lane in Melbourne’s CBD on July 7th to launch the album.