Before his newest release, Shariar Mrid also known by his stage name “Mrid,” discusses how The Noam Chomsky Music Project encouraged him to look at the world differently.

The Noam Chomsky Music Project is run by the label Synesthesia Media, and is a global and expansive effort to disseminate American linguist Noam Chomsky’s lectures and amplify his voice in an innovative way, delivering his words through one of the most universally powerful artforms: Music. Mrid joined the project and in an interview discussed how Chomsky’s teachings impacted his latest EP.

The music project’s goal is to preserve and celebrate Chomsky’s outlook on the world. Spanning genres from classical to hip-hop to electronic, dozens of musicians from around the world have joined the effort. Many of the artists who participate in the project draw from an audio archive of Chomsky’s lectures, which Synesthesia Media spent over a year building.

Mrid is a singer, songwriter and producer from Dhaka, Bangladesh who hopes his music makes an impact on his listener’s lives. This is Mrid’s second release with Synesthesia Media, and he hopes this release will encourage his audience to be themselves.

“I hope my listeners will get my message to raise their voice, express their feelings in their own way,” Mrid said.

Mrid’s latest EP fuses hip-hop and soul and his own lyrics, with clips of Chomsky’s voice.

“Wisdom of Chomsky – Volume 1” by Mrid for The Noam Chomsky Music Project is available in all stores, including Apple Music, YouTube, and Spotify on February 4th.

Synesthesia Media announces new waves of releases monthly on its social media.

About The Noam Chomsky Music Project:

The Noam Chomsky Music Project, run by the label Synesthesia Media, is an expansive international effort to bolster Noam Chomsky’s ideas with passion and aesthetics. This project is the first of this scale—both in size and reach—to combine music with Chomsky’s work.

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Behind The Music: Mrid discuss the influences behind his album “Wisdom of Chomsky” for The Noam Chomsky Music Project