Hailed As “The World’s Most Passionate Queen Tribute,” Bohemian Queen Is Fronted By Paulie Z (Sweet, ZO2, Z Rock, Ultimate Jam Night)

All-Star Tribute Band BOHEMIAN QUEEN (BQ), featuring frontman Paulie Z (Sweet, ZO2, Z Rock, Ultimate Jam Night), has revealed a three-night residency at Las Vegas’ South Point Resort Casino starting July 15 to July 17 as part of their summer tour. 

Hailed As “The World’s Most Passionate Queen Tribute” with their high-energy performances and authentic aesthetic, BQ features a “who’s who” of musicians including Guitarist Steve Zukowsky (Sheer Heart Attack, Led Zepagain, Dog ‘n Butterfly), Bassist/Vocalist Aaron Samson (Steven Adler of Guns N’ Roses, Odin, BulletBoys, George Lynch), Drummer/Vocalist Glenn Jost (ReLoVe, Bostyx), Keyboardist/Guitarist Victor Bender (Sheer Heart Attack, Bostyx). 

The group’s theatrical show features a wide range of songs from Queen’s entire catalog and includes multiple costume changes by Paulie Z to showcase Freddie Mercury’s iconic outfits throughout the years. BQ’s passion, talent and love for the music is matched only by their expertly-produced shows and sophisticated performances, which can be seen in their latest video (view video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JnGj3hghQ8).

According to Paulie Z, the band is unlike any other with a “passion for the music and dedication to creating an authentic, grandiose experience” that audiences won’t soon forget. 

“We aren’t simply performing the songs of Queen,” said Paulie Z. “We are recreating the era when Freddie Mercury and Queen changed the industry. And, if even for just one evening, we can transport fans back to this golden age of music… well, then, our jobs are done!”

~Paulie Z

To purchase tickets to BOHEMIAN QUEEN at the South Point Resort Casino, visit https://am.ticketmaster.com/southpoint/buy?filterType=131

For more information about BOHEMIAN QUEEN visit https://www.bohemianqueenband.com/

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