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Chaye Alexander’s Bio

Chaye’s introduction to music dates back to her childhood with fond memories of Sunday afternoons spent
enjoying the sounds of Petula Clark, Brook Benton, Dionne Warwick, and a host of other classic soul artists,
with her mother. Raised in Brooklyn, NY, where “record shops” were commonplace and summertime block
parties was the norm, Chaye was never far from the sound of music. She recalls spending every dime she earned
on the latest album, 45, or 12” record. That would be the beginning of her extensive vinyl collection.

Much of Chaye’s teen years were spent accompanying her brother to parties where he marveled attendees with
his expert music mixes. Chaye eventually took over the turntables and in no time developed her own signature
style. This caught the attention of a local radio Deejay who invited Chaye to be regular on his nightly show. In
the years that followed, Chaye acquired in-depth knowledge of broadcasting as well as the inner workings a
radio station. However, her interest would later shift to the recording industry where she immersed herself and
instantly gravitated to up-and-coming talents. By her mid-twenties, Chaye formed her first company with the
goal of developing, and ultimately securing the coveted record” deal” for emerging artists. She accomplished
this when an artist she co-managed, signed to the label then known as MCA Records. She later collaborated
with Ready-or-Not Studio to produce music tracks and videos for independent artists. The lack avenues
available for these artists to promote their music prompted Chaye to create her own television show, which ran
successfully in northern region from 1993 to 1996. Her ability to engage her guests and put them at ease was
evident to all who tuned in.

Chaye’s passion for music, inherent knowledge of music trends, and her creative approach to promoting
independent artists has earned her stellar recommendations from industry professionals and music legends alike.
Her keen foresight allowed her to recognize the subtle increase of commercialism of terrestrial radio early on, as
well as the void it created for artists seeking airplay. With the introduction of the Internet and its global reach,
Chaye quickly realized the opportunity and in 2005, she launched her first Internet Radio, station Chayz
Lounge, at a time when the concept was relatively new. With that, she brought a flavor to streaming radio that is
uniquely her own. Today, Chayz Lounge is one of the top 10 Internet Radio stations on the Web with millions
of listeners world-wide. The station provides a platform for independent recording artists to reach a global
audience while delivering the perfect blend of R&B and smooth jazz 24/7!

It goes without saying that Chaye is a busy woman, yet she still makes time to mentor aspiring entrepreneurs.
As an industry veteran, she willingly shares the wealth of knowledge she has acquired over her years. Chaye
also encourages others to pursue their dream. In her words, “every idea is a seed and every dream stalk that
deserves to be watered. Our words and deeds are the necessary nourishment for their growth.”
Chaye has effectively merged her love of music, knowledge of radio, and commitment to promoting the artist
into the web success known as Chayz Lounge. Ensuring the best musical experience for all who tune in is her
mission for the station and one she stands by. Her vast collection of tunes allows her to deliver a musical
eclecticism that sets her radio station apart from any other on the Web. As one listener puts it, “This radio
station is awesome, you guys play the right music, the music to heal and put the balm on wounds of the soul. I
am thankful and will spread the word.”

Need more proof? Tune in to, sit back, and enjoy the smooth vibe that only Chaye can
deliver… After all, nobody does music better! | PR Services