“I Called Him Morgan” a documentary film about the trumpet legend Lee Morgan, and Helen Morgan, the lady who shot Lee Morgan, has been selected to be shown at The Venice International Film Festival (http://www.labiennale.org/en/cinema/73rd-festival/line-up/), in September 2016. Directed and written by Swedish filmmaker Kasper Collin, it will feature interviews, music and excerpts from an exclusive interview of Helen Morgan, a North Carolina native, who moved to New York City in 1945, met the very young Lee Morgan in the 1960s, rescued his career and killed him one cold snowy early morning in 1972, in New York City, because she was convinced that he was dating a younger woman. The title, “I Called Him Morgan” is taken from the interview and is included in an article called “The Lady Who Shot Morgan.(http://www.fyicomminc.com…, http://www.khabooks.com/b…) Collin correctly calls his upcoming highly-anticipated movie a love story. He could have added a ” very very tragic” love story.

Kasper Collin spent seven years working on the documentary about the late, great highly-talented young trumpet player Lee Morgan, who was shot and killed by his common-law wife Helen Morgan, February 19, 1972 at a club on the Lower Eastside of Manhattan called Slug’s. Collin is noted for his fine film on saxophonist Albert Ayler, called “My Name Is Albert Ayler (2006, (http://www.mynameisalbertayler.com/).” He is also known as a perfectionist and a very thorough filmmaker who takes his time. It is interesting to note the Ayler film took seven years to make. Collin, a serious Lee Morgan fan, was fortunate enough to have the courage and tenacity to seek Helen’s side of the story. No filmmaker has ever done that. The movie will be the first attempt to do that. It is also scheduled to be screened at The Toronto International Film Festival, in Toronto, Canada, (http://tiff.net/tiff/ in September 2016.

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