The “deep print” given by the triple character of the catanese guitarist and composer Santi Costanzo’s project, is made of three elements whose common matrix is represented by atonality, recurring in all compositions, and conveys the influence and suggestions received from the guitarist and composer Paolo Sorge (Santi’s ex teacher).

In “Deeprint”, the first element concerning the compositional aspect, therefore related to melodic application, polyphonic and polyrhythmic, is characterized by the recourse to seriality. It follows a reference to classical contemporary music of the second half of the XX century, imported and adapted to a jazz context not free from contaminations of genre.

The second value is distinguished by the extemporaneous composition, traceable in the prologue as in the epilogue, framing the album, both of them as a structured extemporaneous improvisation.
To conclude, the aspect bound to free improvisation.

“If I had to choose a key word to describe the suggestions this music is capable of, I would choose “curiosity”. First of all, because the many questions Santi addressed me in recent years about his music’s possible directions in a creative and modern idiom are the result of his curiosity, and finally find an answer in this first and concrete fulfilment. I couldn’t have suggested a better way to make the most of years of study and experiments than transferring, in the form of composition before and audio objects after, that knowledge.

Secondly, because instrumental music, devoid by definition of a literary part or an image to comment on, needs to be approached by the listener with an attitude of genuine curiosity. And lastly, because this listening intrigue us making us uncertain whether what we’re listening to is the result of a scrupulous writing or of an ensuing elaboration, even improvised. It doesn’t matter, the journey has just begun…

Well done Santi, well done his fellow adventurers and well done who’s going to listen with the right amount of curiosity!”

Paolo Sorge


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