Larry Reni Thomas, the author of “The Lady Who Shot Lee Morgan” (KHA Books) will be interviewed, Sunday, September 4, 2016, at 3:30 pm by Toronto, Canada-based Norman Richmond on Uhuru Radio’s Diasporic Music ( ). Thomas will talk about his book “The Lady Who Shot Lee Morgan,” his experience with Helen Morgan, whom he interviewed in February 1996, a month before her death in March of that year. Larry will also discuss his role in the upcoming Swedish documentary movie “I Called Him Morgan,” which will be screened at The Toronto International Film Festival, September 10, 2016.

Mr. Richmond is a very popular and well-known radio host in the Toronto, Canada area, who is respected as a very knowledgeable and well-versed personality. His program “Diasporic Music” is one of the most listened to shows on internet radio and is known for good music, interviews and talk.

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