Featuring Recently-Reunited ZO2 and School of Rock Students, The Event Will Kick Off The Charity’s Month-Long Fundraising Initiative

The David Z Foundation (DZF), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the love of music for children worldwide, has revealed details for its annual “David Z Birthday Benefit Concert.” The much-anticipated all-ages event will be held Wednesday, June 28, at 5PM at the Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood and will feature recently-reunited rockers ZO2, as well as students from several School Of Rock locations that DZF has worked with, including Clark NJ, Cresskill NJ, Chatham NJ and Fairfax District LA.

DZF was founded by Paulie Z, the older brother of David Z and a fellow musician in their band ZO2. Before his untimely death, David Z and his brother were very active in their local music community, where both worked as music teachers and used their platform to spread their passion. Music is in the soul of the “Z Brothers,” and Paulie Z continues to spread this love through this foundation by teaching music classes, giving kids experience with instruments, and working with schools to create quality programs that will support the weight of a child’s creativity. 

The “David Z Birthday Benefit Concert” will kick off a month-long fundraising initiative for DZF as a suggested donation is requested with the free admission. All proceeds will support funding music education for underprivileged kids around the world. Each year the foundation sets their goal according to David’s birth date so this year’s goal is $44,000 in honor of what would have been his 44th birthday. According to Paulie, DZF has surpassed its goal every year so far and he is confident that they will again this year with the love and support of the public. 

ZO2, who recently reformed with bassist Sean McNabb, will honor the memory of David Z by bringing a truly unique dynamic energy to the show. The band will perform a full set of their most popular songs as well as their new single that will be released later this year. In addition, the band will invite a few special guests on stage including legendary bassist Stu Hamm, Billboard charting artist Debby Holiday, Derek Day and more.  Leading up to the ZO2 show will be four sets of School Of Rock students presenting their revolutionary rock and roll sound that perfectly ties together the importance of music education and a die-hard love for music.

Tickets for the show are available at https://whiskyagogo.com/calendar/events/13307868/david-z-bday-celebration-zo2-school-of-rock/

To learn more about The David Z Foundation visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5svgylLUzwI

The Whisky A Go Go is located at 8901 W. Sunset Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069

About The David Z Foundation

The David Z Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization started by singer/guitarist Paulie Z in memory of his brother and bandmate bassist David Z. Inclusive of all and serving a diverse population of underprivileged kids, our aim is to instill a passion for music in kids while providing them with engaging music education opportunities and funding, putting together collaborations between kids and veteran music industry professionals and developing programs within academic school settings as well as music schools, both across the country and internationally. We bring students into the world of music by providing deeper knowledge and experience with instruments, songwriting, recording, music video production, band dynamics and live performances, and offer kids workshops on the music industry itself. In their own schools, the programs we co-design get kids to use the crafts of songwriting, recording and video production to create work which helps explain educational concepts in creative and stylish ways. The foundation’s interest in defining new avenues for music as a helping tool has also led to the application of music in programs for kids with emotional and mental health challenges. The foundation is looking ahead to future programs that will continue a strong focus on music education and well-being through music.