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This is the third offering by Laurent Medelgi as a guitarist, composer and arranger of all the tracks on this album entitled Versature, with his Paris-based band the Medeljazz Quartet.
The title:
Versature comes from the Latin versatura meaning “She
turns”. A neologism emphasizing a definite departure from a more straight ahead approach towards accessible modern melodies and an exploration of harmonic possibilities.
Charting on JazzWeek.com in the Top 200 since its official release date Nov 1, 2021, and currently at #1 on Top Music Japan for Most Popular in Jazz, the 10 track CD has been extremely well received by radios worldwide. Dr Bradley M. Stone, 2017 Jazz Programmer of the Year, calls it “one of the best Jazz Guitar CDs of 2021”.
All About Jazz “…nothing less than admirably performed”
Jazz Weekly “Modern, clever, accessible.”
George Fendel’s High Standard “A well entrenched Quartet”
They are currently in open talks with booking agents and representation to tour in Japan and the U.S. as they gear up towards Festival season in Europe.