The Critically-Acclaimed Artist’s Record Features Her Previously-Released Trilogy Of Hit Songs & Videos As Well As Seven New Bold & Empowering Tracks 

Renowned indie pop artist Kingsley has dedicated the past year to inspiring fans to live their boldest, most bad-ass selves through, what critics are hailing as, her most authentic music to-date. Now, after the success of her trilogy of hit singles and videos that she calls “deeply personal,” she’s revealed details for the release of her new album inspired by her real-life, roller coaster, love story. 

Kingsley has unveiled Crying On Holidays, a record featuring her three previously-released songs “I’m Fine,” “Therapy,” and “All Me” plus seven new tracks, on all DSPs. Already receiving rave reviews for her honest and diverse songwriting, including Music Mecca’s Linsey Rotter who says she is “creating her own genre with a distinct and unique sound,” Kingsley’s sophomore album is much like the artist herself – creative and whimsical while being vulnerable and raw at the same time. 

“This album is about my first love: the good, the bad, and the ugly crier. It shares my side of the story, of course, and is an open-ended record that will leave my fans wanting to know more,” Kingsley said. “I used the music to reflect my mood and the lyrics as a coping tool to help me sort through the mess I found myself in. As I see it, enjoy life … because it’s okay to dance and cry at the same time!” 

~ Kingsley

Kingsley turned to Sean Berahmand of Sunset Digs (Portland, Oregon) to record, mix and master the record to help give the music the complexity and dimension that she was seeking. She also enlisted 

Producers Jack Mortensen, Jarrett Tracey, Aaron Schmidt, Thomas Shipley and Tim Karplus and collaborated songwriting with Haley Johnsen (2012 American Idol Top 25 Contestant) on “All Me” and Ashley Kervabon (Founder, CEO #Womxncrush Music) on “I’m Fine.”

“I am so thankful for this album, it has been a journey, unlike anything I’ve done. I’ve grown so much in storytelling and finding my sound in the last two years,” Kingsley said. “Honestly, I am thankful for everything I taken away from this relationship; I couldn’t have made this project without it. People have asked if I am still with said person, I guess you’ll have to wait for the next album!” 

The official tracklisting for Crying On Holidays is: 

You Didn’t (Remastered)


All Me

Loving You

Breaking Still 


I’m Fine 

All Me Featuring Haley Johnsen

You Didn’t (Acoustic)

Life After You (Live)

While Kingsley’s new album is garnering much-deserved attention, she has been pushing the limits – musically and personally – since she first broke onto the scene in 2017. Since that time, she found herself at the forefront of Portland’s fierce, female-led underground music scene with her hit single “Ghost” and subsequent EP I Am Because I Am (2018) and has been hailed as an artist who has “crafted a sound that transcends genres and challenges expectations (PRP).”

In addition to her music, Kingsley has also partnered with Event Cosmetics to launch the Kingsley Lipstick Collection By Event Cosmetics. Featuring three colors – each inspired by her first three singles from Crying On Holidays“I’m Fine,” “Therapy,” and “All Me” – each shade was created with the intention of inclusiveness of every skin color. For more information, visit

For more information about Kingsley’s music, visit and Social Media: Facebook: Kingsley Music Instagram: @yokingsleymusic Twitter: @yokingsleymusic