Next Wednesday, July 20

Jane Bunnett & Hilario Duran

Celebrate their brand new, critically-acclaimed,
Cuban Rhapsody (Alma Records)

@ Hugh’s Room
$22.50 advance / $25 door

Globe and Mail’s J.D. Considine gives four stars: “Some albums are aimed at connoisseurs, with subtleties only an expert could appreciate; others are meant for the masses, with an appeal so obvious anyone with ears can hear it. Cuban Rhapsody is that rare recording that manages to be both. A collection of classic Cuban tunes, it finds pianist Duran and flautist/soprano saxophonist Bunnett performing with the sort of finesse and authority you’d expect from two musicians who’ve spent decades studying Cuba’s musical traditions. But along with that insight comes a joy and vitality that makes the dance element of these songs immediately infectious, and the melodic content utterly irresistible.”

On this very special night Jane and Hilario are adding some extra voices to their already amazing and full duo – in the form of vocalists Amanda Martinez, Eliana Cuevas, Laura Fernandez, Luis Mario Ochoa, Alberto Alberto and Hilario’s daughter, Yailen Duran!

“Out of the gate” sales and industry responses have been nothing short of spectacular and Cuban Rhapsody is receiving splendid radio play – in fact CFUV, Victoria has the album atop three charts – World, Jazz and Top Thirty! As always, JazzFM.91 continues to be a huge supporter of these artists and hosted Hilario and Jane on the official album release date with a live-to-air performance and chat at the station in front of an invited audience.

Wednesday, July 20
Tickets $22.50 advance / $25 at door
2261, Dundas Street West, Toronto
For reservations call 416.531.6604