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The songs swoosh past like fabulous gowns in a vintage fashion parade with this new album EXQUISITE by Daniel Roure.(2018) Pianist, composer and vocalist in French and English, Daniel Roure offers in his albums an inspirational Jazz experience combining elements of Jazz,Vocal Jazz,Poetry,Blues,Swing,Popular Music,French Pop,World. Daniel Roure has an unmistakable timbre and attack incorporating Jazz Standards,Blues and French Ballads.Roure’s warm voice and  unforgettable swing won him an award at “Le Printemps Du Jazz” in Toulon, France. Widely recognized in the international specialized press, his songs travel the world through the Internet and streaming radio stations and have reached more than 40 million listeners . EXQUISITE: With this new album,Daniel Roure continues to sing the best french love songs, with the spirit of vintage and jazz, like his first album Les Baleines Bleues…

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Tour 2019:  US: February 2019/ Germany:April 2019/ Japan: Jun 2019.