On Friday, October 28, 2022, PHAT YAKI (Lazer, Jon, Ethan, and Josh) revealed their song, “LEAVE,” to the world. It takes inspiration from R&B, funk, and pop music genres and shows off the quartet’s incredible musical abilities. Within the first seven seconds of the song, the impressive drum section will instantly transport listeners to the golden era of music. As the lyrics, “If you don’t want my love/You can leave,” are sung with boundary-breaking production and echoing vocal effects, the track begins to take a more vintage feel, akin to the music of Prince and The Time in “Purple Rain.” Afterward, listeners are surprised to find the song is not ending as expected, but continues for another 87 seconds, solidifying “Leave” as a song to remember with no flaws to point out.

CHECK IT OUT HERE https://ffm.to/leaveyaki