PHAT YAKI takes you back to the future on “Leave.”

The extraordinarily gifted quartet simultaneously swerves into the R&B, funk, and pop lanes.

Globally, on Friday, October 28, 2022, PHAT YAKI (Lazer, Jon, Ethan, and Josh) officially pulled a non-digitally-modified track out of their bag of tricks.

And the hashtag-worthy chorus and the roller coaster production of “LEAVE” are both amazing.

Lazer, Jon, Ethan, and Josh are famously known to the world as PHAT YAKI.

Moreover, the North American quartet’s first-ever song, “LEAVE,” showcases their exceptional musical skill.

That said, hardcore music fans who yearn for outstanding music will find it with PHAT YAKI.

The spectacular drums take center stage in the first seven seconds of “Leave.”

You will undoubtedly be transported to the era when music was at its most creative thanks to the captivating percussion section.

After that, unique, standout vocals emerge with memorable lyrics.

“If you don’t want my love/You can leave.”

Following that, the boundary-breaking music production kicks into overdrive with evocative sounds that will make you dance.

Plus, bold vocal reverb/echo effects are audible as the song develops.

After that, the vocal performances in the verses are reminiscent of Prince and The Time from “Purple Rain.”

Beyond that, the blockbuster production then slows down around 1:53, creating a sense that the song is about to finish.

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Surprisingly, it continues for a whopping 87 seconds.

Nothing could be said negatively about “Leave” despite best efforts