Celebrated NYC Jazz Guitarist Launches Second Studio Album on Kickstarter

New York–Jazz musician and composer Matt Panayides announces the launch of his group’s second album which is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

“I’m excited about this release because the band has had an opportunity to perform this music live and is excited to channel that energy into a recording,” said Matt Panayides, guitarist and group lead. “We’ve put in countless hours to make this album a joy to listen to both for our listeners and our fans”.

Joining Matt on his album are three jazz giants and veterans of the New York music scene. The album features saxophonist Rich Perry, a long time collaborator and band member, bass player Thompson Kneeland and drummer Mark Ferber. As Matt’s second career release, the album promises a refreshingly modern take on traditional harmonic structures, giving each song its own unique feel and vocabulary. The result will be a mix of honest tracks paired with a compellingly beautiful voice of the instruments.

As an artist Matt hopes to create music that the listener can relate to emotionally while challenging a listener’s view of the natural world around them. “I believe each composition is it’s own unique universe, much like the multi-verse within which we live” said Panayides.

Matt’s Kickstarter campaign has 12 days left with a funding goal of $5,000. Reward options range from $1 to $500, with $10 and up receiving the early release album in October. All funds raised will be used directly for the album production, publicity and release.

About Matt Panayides
Matt Panayides is a creative jazz guitarist who has led his own musical groups in New York for over a decade, performing in hot spots such as Smalls, Cornelia Street Cafe, 55 Bar and Birdland. During his career Matt has performed with great musical talents including Jane Monheit, Dan Weiss, Clarence Penn, Mark Ferber, Rich Perry and Steve LaSpina. In 2011 Matt released his first album titled “Tapestries of Song” featuring his personal compositions. Matt is currently performing in the New York jazz scene and enjoys teaching guitar to budding artists in his free time.


Campaign link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/485968013/panayides-group-recording-2nd-album

Matt’s Website: http://www.mattpanayides.com/