THE IRIDIUM JAZZ CLUB is pleased to announce the very special performance of the JAZZ ALL-STAR COLLECTIVE ScoLoHoFo in their FIRST US CLUB APPEARANCE.

ScoLoHoFo is truly a jazz super band. Each member of this all-star collective is a leader in their own right.

Throughout the history of jazz, artists have banded together in all-star configurations to explore the music. But rarely do musicians of all-star caliber organically form a group that operates as a collective–where each member contributes equally to the proceedings as both a composer and co-arranger.That¹s called chemistry–and this is what makes ScoLoHoFo (guitarist John Scofield, saxophonist Joe Lovano, bassist Dave Holland and drummer Al Foster) such a remarkable quartet. After two tours (one in 1999 and the other in 2002), the collective settled into a New York studio for two days and documented for the first time their growth as a band. The result is OH!, a robust, buoyant and spirited collection of 11 songs from Blue Note Records. “The CD is conceived as a journey that reflects our concert experiences,” explains Lovano. “It has the creative flow that comes only after performing on the road together for a long stretch of time.”


1650 Broadway at 51st Street

New York, NY 10019

Sets at 8 & 10:30 pm

and an added set on Fri. & Sat. at Midnight