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Stanley Crouch President of The Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation Announces
Organizational Leadership Changes

Immediate Release: October 25, 2013

(New York October 25, 2013) Today, Stanley Crouch president of the Louis Armstrong EducationalFoundation, Inc. announced organizational leadership changes. The legendary Louis Armstrong, widely known for shifting the direction of American music, through jazz, appointed Phoebe Jacobs as the driving force behind the Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation. Until April of last year she was the Foundation’s Executive Vice President, and “the face” of the organization. With her passing in 2012 the Foundation has continued the mission which has for 36 years been the living legacy of Louis Armstrong providing support to music education organizations that are preserving America’s classical music, Jazz.

Stanley Crouch, stated that at its annual meeting Jackie Harris (a current LAEF Board Director) was appointed the organization’s Executive Director. In making the announcement Crouch said, “ Jackie Harris is well known and respected for her accomplishments in the world of jazz; with her proficiency in arts administration she has all the skills the Louis Armstrong Foundation needs to carry forth the Foundation’s vision.“

Jackie Harris said, “As a member of the LAEF Board I have been a part of the leadership team and have enjoyed the opportunity to also serve as the Special Projects Director, working very closely with Phoebe Jacobs, Stanley Crouch and the other members of the Board. I am looking forward to helping to expand the reach and fulfill the mission of the Louis Armstrong Foundation.”

Crouch also announced the unanimous election of Robin-Bell Stevens as Vice President and the appointment of Susan Jacobs Devens to fill the seat left vacant by Phoebe Jacobs. He said, “With the unanimous election of Robin Bell- Stevens a current Board Director, a daughter of former Ellington bassist Aaron Bell, and a highly regarded professional in arts administration and the jazz community; along with the appointment of Phoebe Jacob’s daughter Susan Devens, who for many years worked with Phoebe we are confident that the Foundation will only get stronger as they work together with our Executive Director and Board of Directors.”


™The Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation, Inc.
The Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation, Inc. was founded and funded by Louis Armstrong in 1969 to give back to the world “some of the goodness he received.”

The Foundation is dedicated to perpetuating the legacies of Louis and Lucille Armstrong throughout the world to include fostering jazz music programs, performance training, workshops and lectures on the history of jazz.

Stanley Crouch, President
Jazz scholar, historian, author and critic

Robin Bell-Stevens, Vice President
Jazzmobile, Inc.
The Riverside Theatre, Inc.

Ed Berman, Esq., Secretary and General Counsel
Singer Netter Dowd & Berman

Howard Schain, CPA, Treasurer and Accountant
Schain Leifer Guralnick
David Chevan Wynton Marsalis
Southern Connecticut State University Jazz At Lincoln Center

Lisa Cohen Dan Morgenstern
Associated Booking Corporation Rutgers University, retired
Licensing Agent

Oscar Cohen Robert O’Meally
Associated Booking Corporation Columbia University
Licensing Agent

Gwendolyn DeLuca Jeffry Rosenstock
Administrative Coordinator Queens College, CUNY
Louis Armstrong Foundation

Susan Jacobs Devens George Wein
George Devens Music Jazz Impresario

Jackie Harris
Executive Director
Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation

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™The Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation, Inc.
1270 Fifth Ave. Suite 8L | New York, NY 10029